While waiting to (re) undermine like never before, five ways to enrich your online fashion culture

Posted on April 07, 2020 at 9:29 a.m.

If, for the moment, due to confinement, it is alternating jogging and leggings, a day will come when we will have to regain human form.So here are five sites to reconnect with the world of fashion and the canons of elegance..

Factories shut down, parades canceled, shops closed ...The entire textile industry chain is frozen in the confinement, which in no way prevents you from perfecting your knowledge of fashion.Online exhibitions, photos or videos are available for consultation.from home, put on a suit or stay in your pajamas.

Become familiar with the links between fashion and dance

The garment enveloping the body, it has obvious connections with the world of ballet, which remind us of two current exhibitions, visible online since the museums that housed them have closed.The first, “Couturiers de la danse” , organized by the Center national du costume de scène de Moulins, offers a panorama of what fashion designers have imagined for the set: Issey Miyake pleats to embellish the arm-length compositions of William Forsythe, neotutus of Iris van Herpen for a choreography by Benjamin Millepied, mutant costumes like models of a virus by Walter Van Beirendonck for the first ballet of the star Marie-Agnès Gillot… All styles and all forms are close together.

The second exhibition, “Ballerina”, at the FIT Museum in New York, stands out as a perfect complement.It proposes, in reverse, to examine the way in which the attire of the classic ballerina, an archetype initiated in the years 1930, influenced our clothes off the stage.The evening dresses or the plucked daring fed by Swan Lake are of course inspired by it, but the most interesting examples are those that we still wear today in everyday: the Repetto-style slipper, tights, the romantic tulle dress (brought up to date by Dior in recent seasons) or the ubiquitous powder pink shade.

Posted Date: 2020-11-12

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