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Design the perfect dressing room to optimally store all your clothes in your new home that you found on for-sale.com .

Owning a dressing room is a dream. But don't confuse dressing room, closet, and storage.

What is a dressing room?

A well-defined space to store all your clothes.

The dressing room is an independent room in the house or a specific space created inside a room, whether it is the bedroom or not, and which is used to store your coats, your jeans, your shirts, your blouses, in short, all your clothes, but also your shoes, your bags, your accessories ... Without forgetting your household linen such as sheets or towels!

Attention: even if, by abuse of language, we tend to call a dressing room a piece of furniture in which we store clothes, you should not confuse the dressing room and the classic clothes cupboard. Indeed, a dressing room differs from a cupboard by the fact that it is really a well delimited space and dedicated only to receive clothes. Moreover, in general, inside the dressing room, the clothes are visible, unless the person absolutely wants to install doors or curtains to hide them.

What are the right questions to ask oneself to design one's dressing room?

Your dressing room has to fit your wardrobe!

If you want to install a dressing room worthy of Carrie Bradshaw in your home, the first thing to do is to calculate the volume of clothes you plan to put in it (with the obvious goal of delimiting the size of your dressing room). To do this, you will need :

Take into account the current shelf space of your closet, the quantity of folded clothes, the number of pairs of shoes, the number of bags and their size: handbags, travel bags, pockets... This will determine the interior design needs of your future closet.

Then, you have to ask yourself the question of the look and structure of your dressing room. And there, you will have a wide range of choices: indeed, the offer is wide between entry-level melamine products, available in a multitude of colors, and more upscale products in wood veneer, with different finishes: varnished wood, waxed effect, matte ... Similarly, if you wish to hide your treasures behind doors, the offer, here again, is as wide as can be: wooden doors, lacquered glass doors, frosted glass doors, doors with mirrors or imitation leather... all tastes are allowed!

Then comes the question of the interior layout of the dressing room, which will have to be adapted to your closet: a closet, folding or not, drawers, a tie rack, a shoe rack, a trouser rack... everything depends on your desires and needs.

Are there any dimensions to be respected to keep the dressing room practical?

First of all, you should know that to design a dressing room, you need a minimum surface of 3.50 m². It doesn't matter the shape of the dressing room, since it can always be made to measure. Moreover, it is possible to design a dressing room in an atypical space, in an attic or on a slope for example.

Then, the dressing room must be at least 50 cm deep if it is without doors, and 60 cm deep if it is equipped with doors. But for a whole wall of folded clothes, a depth of 45 cm is sufficient. As for the height to be planned, keep in mind that :

For the space dedicated to hanging shirts, you will need to count from 90 cm to 1 meter.

For jackets, you will need to allow about 1.10 m in height.

For dresses and coats, a height of 1.60 m will be necessary.

And finally, for pants, a height of 1.20 m will be necessary.

It is also necessary to count a shelf every 30 cm approximately.

What work requires the installation of a dressing room?

Don't neglect the lighting of your dressing room!

In fact, the work required to install and fit out your dressing room depends above all on the space you have at your disposal at the start. Indeed, if the dressing room is installed in an already existing dedicated room, it is not necessary to install partitions, and the work will already be much less time consuming than if you have to create a specific room to store your clothes.

In general, you should be aware that it is often necessary to make a specific electrical installation with recessed spotlights, for example, and sometimes provide an access door to the dressing room.

Most of the time, the structure of the dressing room is manufactured in the factory and then adjusted on site. For a room of 6 m² or more, an average of 4 or 5 working days is required. Of course, companies specializing in dressing rooms, such as Quadro, take care of everything, including the electrical work.

What is the budget for a dressing room?

Again, it all depends on the dressing room in itself... and therefore of your desires, but also of the technical constraints of the room in which you wish to install it! Do you want a large dressing room, should it be made to measure, etc.? Ask yourself the right questions!

Good to know: for a 4 m² room without ceiling covering, with a melamine structure and a simple layout consisting of shelves, drawers and a closet unit, you need to count on about 4000 euros through a specialized company.

Of course, it is also possible to build your own closet and it is much cheaper: if you have good DIY skills, go for it!

And once the dressing room is installed?

Once the dressing room is installed and ready, all you have to do is put your clothes inside. By the way, here are some tips for a well optimized dressing room:

Regularly sort through your belongings to avoid your pretty dressing room looking like a mess. There's nothing worse than walking into a dressing room that seems to be crumbling under the weight of stuff, especially if it's open!

Arrange your clothes in your dressing room by categories: jeans together, pants together, sweaters together, etc. This will help you find your way around more easily, but also create a visual harmony in the room.

Use and abuse the accessories that can make life and organization of your dressing room easier: hangers of course, but also shoe racks, trouser racks, drawer dividers, etc.

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